Alex rudin

See Alex Rudin's upcoming exhibition "Dysmorphic" here

My art comments on the inner complexities of the human psyche, especially through perception and alteration. The idea of dysmorphia, whether perceived or experienced drives the abstract, expressionistic, figurative representations.

Feeling an overwhelming connection to the universe and the uncomfortable complexities of what it means to inhabit a body, my art deals with questions of feminism and man made social constructs, eliciting visceral, abstract relations between body, emotion, and the architecture of the human form.

A day in my life is a divine mixture of ordinary and extraordinary events.  It is the muse, mystery, and desire that define my daily studio practice and consequentially, the finished product. My art wages a war against the commonality and banality of inhabiting a body and pushes the viewer to have a visceral understanding of the ultimate and complete control the mind has and what ideologies can threaten the simplicity of just being.

What thrills me throughout the process is the subconscious touching the conscious. It’s like alchemy. Logic and intuition play together to create something tangible on the foundation of the intangible with the hopes of snatching the viewer out of the continuum of everyday life even for just a moment.