Joanna Miller 

My interest in travel began as a young girl when I listened to my father’s tales about exotic places he visited and adventures he had as a young man. As an adult, I’ve had the good fortune to travel to various countries around the world, and to capture the essence of people’s daily activities, as well as the majesty of animals in their natural habitats.

The photographs in Journeys Beyond…  represent my travels to Burma and India, and to countries of eastern and southern Africa. The vibrant colors of Burma and India are permanently etched in my memory, as are the scenes of daily life and the stories reflected in the faces of the people. The gracefulness and beauty of the animals of Africa, and the stunningly serene and tranquil landscapes of the African bush, forest, and savannah have inspired my husband and me to return to this amazing continent many times.  

I am so pleased to share my photographs with you, the viewer, and perhaps fellow traveler.  Each photograph has a story; each photograph has a memory; and each photograph serves to conjure up a larger world – a world beyond, a world of different cultures and different traditions, and an extraordinary world where animals roam free.